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Specialty Pastry and Dessert Dishes


Chocolate Souffle

Soufflés are tricky business. Many comedy movies and television programs show the classic soufflé collapsing when someone slams a door or yells too loud.  For Filipinos wanting to try a classic international chocolate soufflé, Chef Seijiro makes it easy for you.  Simply place your order for this delicious, light and airy treat.  Originating in eighteenth century France this dish contains lots of egg yolks and egg whites beaten into a fluffy, light and delicate dessert that will surprise and please your guests.

Pampanga Chocolate Souffle

Rum Cake

Rum Cake has its origin in the Caribbean but spread throughout Europe and the Americas quickly as a decadent desert. Real rum is used in this desert that is popular during the holiday season. Traditional rum cake uses dried fruit that is soaked in rum for many months. Sponge cake is used for maximum rum absorption. Watch out, this wild and wonderful dessert will actually get you drunk if you eat too much. But what a fun way to finish off a meal!

Rum Cake Dessert Pampanga

Crème Brule

Crème Brule is a dessert associated with sophistication and with its origins in France of course.  A rich vanilla flavored custard based dessert with a topping of hard caramel.  A fantastic dessert to have with a cup of espresso.  Typically served in individual little serrated sided cups called ramekins, the top is traditionally browned with a food torch.  This dessert is also known as burnt cream, Trinity cream and crema catalana.  If you’ve never tried this one, let Apalit Catering introduce you to this cultured dessert and wow your guests with a classic treat.

Creme Brule in Pampanga

Chocolate Mocha Cake

For a decadent dessert, there is none more fulfilling than Chocolate Mocha Cake. Rich dark chocolate with a silky Mocha Swiss Meringue buttercream, along with a topping of chocolate ganache. Here we have a treat that will top off the finest of multi course dinners or catered events. Pampanga residents can now enjoy a high quality dessert made right here in your home province.

Chocolate Mocha Cake in Pampanga

Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake

Devil’s food cake is a moist rich, dense and dreamy classic that is typically darker and chocolateier than a standard chocolate cake. It is covered in a rich and decadent chocolate frosting making it a chocolate lover’s dream. Different from a German chocolate cake, devil’s food uses unsweetened chocolate baking squares rather than cocoa powder making it richer and darker for true chocolate lovers.  Let Apalit Catering produce the perfect devil’s food cake for your next birthday, dinner party, debut or other important event.

Chocolate Devil's Food Cake in Pampanga

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