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Pampanga Catering Chef

Apalit Caterings Chef Seijiro

Apalit Caterings head Chef Seijiro is offering his gastronomic creations on a per-item basis.  Trained at the prestigious Micha Magsaysay Center for Hospitality & Culinary Arts (MIHCA), Seijiro brings a touch of epicurean sophistication to the province of Pampanga.

Pampanga culinary chef and bakery chef

Trained at MIHCA

Few culinary institutes in the Philippines offer the degree of experience-based methodology that MIHCA does.  The institute emphases an 80 percent hands-on approach that instills a focused sense of experiential reality to their students. Their meticulous, state-of-the-art training facilities and equipment create a real-world professional kitchen environment that enables the students to enter the workforce with all the tools needed to excel in the culinary arts.  MIHCA ensures their graduates stay up to date by working closely with international chefs and other experts in the food industry. Chef Seijiro carries the MIHCA traditions on in his creations for Apalit Catering.  Now local Pampanga event and private party planners can order individual items from this formally trained chef.

Micha Magsaysay Center for Hospitality & Culinary Arts (MIHCA)

Reduce Your Stress

Why stress and strain for your next party, wedding, birthday or family get together when Chef Seijiro is close by ready to serve the Apalit and the greater Pampanga area.  Serving your guests’ large quantities of quality food take away from your precious time and become a huge effort on your part.  Why not have a MIHCA trained professional chef do it for you right here locally in Apalit Pampanga for a price much more affordable than you may have thought.

Seijiro’s Specialty Dishes

Besides international cuisine, some of Seijiro’s more regular specialties include Lasagna, pancit malabon, cheese corn bread and a wealth of deserts that include but are not limited to: Chocolate Soufflé, Rum Cake, Crème Brule, Tiramisu, Cream Puffs/Éclairs, Cherry Cheese Cake, Devil’s Food Cake, Black Forest Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, and Specialty Cupcakes.

Famous Foods of Pampanga

Pampanga has long been considered the culinary capital of the Philippines. Chefs from this region seem to have an ingrained and natural ability to find the right combination of ingredients and spices that make Pampanga the highly sought after culinary center of the Philippines.  Chef Seijiro is a Pampanga native having grown-up preparing many local food choices in his youth. His repertoire has been dramatically increased with his international food studies at MIHCA.

Some of the popular and nationally known dishes found in the province of Pampanga include betute (stuffed frog), tamales, biringhe, tocino, sizzling sisig, pancit, palabok, tibok, kamaru (crickets), buru (fermented rice with fish/shrimp). Then there are the native sweets and delicacies such as pastillas, halo halo, turonnes de casuy, and sanikulas.

Pampanga food - chef

Photo – Prince Roy- Flickr

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