Pulilan Catering weddings, debuts, birthdays
Photo Courtesy Flickr susancorpuz90

Expanding into Pulilan

Pulilan has a population of almost 100,000 people and is notable for the Carabao Festival that draws many thousands of people each year.  But did you know that Pulilan now is able to utilize a highly sought-after food catering and event planning service?  Apalit Catering has recently expanded its services to Pulilan and will offer its well-known service and cuisine to Pulilan for birthdays, weddings, debuts, business meetings or virtually any other event that brings people and food together.

Pulilan used to be a sleepy, small farm town in the northern area of province of Bulacan. Pulilan is almost directly on the border of Bulacan, so close to the Pampanga province that most of the residents of Apalit utilize Pulilan for most of their commerce and shopping needs.

Pulilan is quickly becoming the main commerce center for this fastest growing town of the Bulacan province. Roads that were once only dirt have become major paved and heavily traveled, productive motorways supporting the flow of substantial commerce. Pulilan enjoys a robust economy with many sectors taking part including agriculture, manufacturing, industrial farm feed production and retail.

The average income in Pulilan has increased 20% from 2011 to 2014 and significantly surpasses the other surrounding communities. Apalit Catering decided to develop its services into this community to expand its customer base and provide for the event needs of the region.

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