Coffee Beans Late Espresso

Coffee is enjoyed worldwide and is a favorite beverage of anyone who needs to accomplish work or spark their minds for inspiration and motivation.  The coffee bean plant is native to subtropical areas of the planet including Africa and certain islands in southern Asia. Characteristically native to the equatorial regions, the plant was originally exported from the continent of Africa to countries around the world.   Coffee is grown and exported today by up to 70 counties within Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and India.

There are various coffee types and a surprising number of ways to make the world’s favorite hot drink.  We delve into some interesting coffee facts below.

Arabica Coffee

The most common type of coffee is the very popular Arabica variety, accounting for about 75% of the coffee grown in the world. The sub-types or Arabica include: Arusha, Bergendal, Sidikalang, Blue Mountain, Bourbon and Catuai.

Robusta Coffee

Robusta is a stronger and more robust type—hence the name. The Robusta species exhibits much better pest resistance compared to Arabica—possibly due to the stronger constituents contained in this variety.  Uganda and Indonesia are two of the most popular countries that produce Robusta species.

Civet Coffee from the Philippines

A unique specialty coffee native to the Philippines is Kopi Luwak. It has been branded the world’s most expensive coffee.  Believe it or not, the coffee beans are first digested by a small Asian creature called the Asian Palm Civet. Not until the beans have passed through the entire digestive system and out the bottom end of the little weasel/raccoon-like creature, does it get processed and roasted. The flesh of the berry’s outer skin gets digested but the inner beans remain intact and must be removed from the excrement of the creature.

Coffee is Big Business

As one of the biggest and most traded commodities in the world, coffee beans are a major economic product of many sub-tropic counties.  In order to be used for our morning brew, these beans must be dried and roasted. Various degrees of roasting produce different darkness grinds of the beans that are then ground and brewed to produce coffee as a beverage.

Types of Coffee Drinks

There are many ways and types of coffee drinks, some you may be familiar with and others much more esoteric.  Look at this list to see which ones you recognize.

·         Affogato ·         Café Latte ·         Frappe
·         Americano ·         Calao ·         Lazy Eye
·         Black Eye ·         Cappucino ·         Long Black
·         Bonbon ·         Coradito ·         Macchiato
·         Borgia ·         Cortado ·         Mazagran
·         Breve ·         Dead Eye ·         Mocha
·         Ca Phe Sua Da ·         Dirty Chai Latte ·         Piccolo Latte
·         Café au Lait ·         Doppio Lungo ·         Red Eye
·         Café Con Hielo ·         Espressino ·         Ristretto
·         Café Crema ·         Espresso ·         Turkish Coffee
·         Café Cubano ·         Espresso Romano ·         Vienna
·         Café del Tiempo ·         Flat White