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The days of a quiet, laidback small provincial town just north of the bustling megalopolis of Manila are gone.  They have given-way to a progressive, fast-moving, central community with vestiges left of days gone by. These signs of simpler times are evidenced by renowned resorts like Lawiswis Kawayan Garden Resort and Spa still inhabiting the province.  With over 100,000 people in Calumpit, it has become a thriving place to conduct business for both town proper dwellers and those living in the surrounding community.

Although this is a controversial subject, Calumpit was considered the first and oldest town founded in the Bulacan province. Calumpit’s close connection with Apalit go back to the Spanish era of the 1500s when Calumpit was ceded to the Province of Bulacan and Apalit ceded to the province of Pampanga.

In the realm of Filipino cuisine, Calumpit is best recognized for its delicious freshwater lobster.  As many of you know, the Pampanga province enjoys a long history of quality food and innovative culinary experiences.  Sharing our Balo-balo, sisig, pindang kalabaw and batute tugak with our neighbors is an endeavor of our heart.

We wanted to bring our culinary offerings to Calumpit, so we decided that Apalit Catering was overdue for an expansion of their services in the form of our Kapampangan food offerings into our neighboring and prospering town.

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